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Our dialer program comes with the best dialer CRM software in India, allowing the user to manage data with our Dialer CRM Software In India easily. Predictive dialer solutions benefit companies by maximizing agent efficiency, reducing operating costs, and for sales teams, accelerating sales as agents have more time to connect with potential customers. The dialer eliminates the need to look up phone number lists. They are manually dialing leads and waiting to see if the call will connect to the potential customer. By bypassing disconnected or unavailable phone lines and machines, agents are quickly connected to the right customers at the right time. In addition, Dialer CRM Software in India provides PBX Phone System, GSM Network, Auto-dial, Outbound Call, IP PBX, Automatically Dial, VoIP Network, SIP Trunk, Echo Predictive Cancellation Dialer, Manual Dialing, VoIP Gateway Call Center Is. Machine, automatically call SIM card, inbound and outbound calls.

Avyukta CRM Features:-

  1. Client CRM Login
  2. Events & Meetings
  3. Sales CRM
  1. Lead Management
  2. Custom Client Stages
  3. 25+ Detailed Reporting Modules
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But what does it mean to reach the "right" customer? Driving sales is much more than contacting as many leads as possible-it's about getting the most vital leads first quickly and strategically. Our Dialer program Comes With The Best Dialer CRM Software In India. A Predictive Dialer can optimize lead management and allow agents to work faster and wiser. The solution can effectively organize lead data, sales information, customer history, and customer contact information and automatically feed this data to agents. For example, Vocalcom's CRM Software In India for Salesforce features call logging, callback rules, call recording, and other automated processes, saving agents' time and freeing them to focus on connecting to the most significant leads and closing sales quickly and efficiently. Prime call times are automatically determined, and predictive dialing software can further filter out any "do not call" numbers, fax lines, or Call Center to guarantee direct access to the right customers at the correct times.


While Dialer CRM Software In India Solutions enable greater productivity and cut costs, the added benefit of CRM Integration allows companies to drive sales strategically while empowering agents to work smarter, not just harder, and deliver a stellar customer experience. By providing an end-to-end BPO solution that can manage every aspect of your business, Dialer CRM sets itself apart from the competition by letting you drastically decrease the number of applications you need to work with different parts of your business. The platform offers an open API that enables users to merge with numerous third-party applications and develop their custom widgets to integrate additional applications. Plus, the dialer system lives in the cloud and is fully mobile-ready, making it a proper next-gen solution. The solution is highly ascendable with a beautiful price point. This makes Dialer CRM the perfect solution for small businesses looking to grow sustainably.


In addition to the time-saving benefits of a Standard Predictive Dialer, CRM Integration poses numerous other benefits for sales with its strategic method of reaching contacts. When calls are placed, such a solution may use local phone numbers-a surefire way to prompt potential customers to answer. Many studies have shown that over half of all consumers hang up when they see an unknown phone number in their caller ID. Agents are thus able to connect with customers who might otherwise never answer. Companies are also poised to save costs when the solution is embedded into the Our Dialer program. It Comes With The Best Dialer CRM Software In India and therefore does not require additional expensive telecom hardware or integration. Such solutions automate and capture all call activity directly into the CRM for better GSM Gateway, keeping track of the best times to call customers and providing valuable real-time metrics and KPIs to improve sales and marketing strategies. Lastly, when customers are contacted at convenient times, brand loyalty ensues, and customers are more likely to make a purchase. Therefore, predictive Dialer with CRM Integration enables best practices in sales acceleration and customer satisfaction.


Mobile Based Dailer CRM Since it can use readily available broadband connections, you will not be delayed by the lengthy procedure of getting a leased line/T1/E1. With a few simple steps, agents can go live, activate your Dailer CRM Assist account, upload contact on a cloud, install the Dialer CRM APP app in Cell-Phone & start calling. The campaigns are also managed centrally in the Dailer CRM Assist cloud server, and agents can log in with their mobile apps and operate remotely. An agent can also preview leads before dialing. If you are searching for a Mobile Dialer in Delhi, approach the Dialer CRM software. We at CRM Software have created the best Mobile Based Auto Dailer in India called Dailer CRM Assist. This is the best software to make your business operations easy and efficient. Keeping the requirements of our customers in mind, we’ve created this fantastic mobile dialer software and become a leading Android Dialer Company in India. The Dailer CRM Assist is the perfect amalgamation of mobile technology and VoIP. With this software, you can take advantage of the latest technology on your mobile devices. It has become the best Mobile Based Dialer CRM Software In India to make your business operations run seamlessly.

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INR 720.99 / month
  • Rent a Dialer starting at the 594INR
  • Pay as you go model, opex and risk free.
  • Purchase a Dialer starting at the 3234INR
  • Build assets and reduce opex costs.
  • EMI a Dialer starting at the 990INR
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Unlimited Model

INR 3600.99 / month
  • Upto 4 channels per seat for better pacing.
  • Fair usage policy applicable
  • Meant for standard 8-9 hr shift.
  • NA for PC Support and other lengthy call processes
  • 5544INR as one time setup installation and training charges
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Retail Model

INR 3750.99 / month
  • Pay as you go model.
  • Similar Models on offer for Australia and Other Destinations.
  • Best suited for Multiple shift /PC Support / Big Cll Centers.

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