An IP PBX is a private branch exchange that acts as the central switching system for phone calls in the business that switches calls between A Grade VoIP users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. Old PBX is made up of two key elements: lines and stations.

The lines, sometimes also called trunks, are connections to the global public switched telephony network through the telephone companies. Stations are simply devices like telephones or other endpoint devices, fax machines, modems. IP PBX Phone systems handle internal traffic between stations and behave as the gatekeeper to the outsider. PRI provides telecommunication services to offices. It is based on T-carrier(T1) line in US and Canada. It consists of 24 channels, and E-carrier(E1) line in Europe consists of 32 tracks.

IP PBX Phone System

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INR 720.99 / month
  • Rent a Dialer starting at the 594INR
  • Pay as you go model, opex and risk free.
  • Purchase a Dialer starting at the 3234INR
  • Build assets and reduce opex costs.
  • EMI a Dialer starting at the 990INR
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Unlimited Model

INR 3600.99 / month
  • Upto 4 channels per seat for better pacing.
  • Fair usage policy applicable
  • Meant for standard 8-9 hr shift.
  • NA for PC Support and other lengthy call processes
  • 5544INR as one time setup installation and training charges
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Retail Model

INR 3750.99 / month
  • Pay as you go model.
  • Similar Models on offer for Australia and Other Destinations.
  • Best suited for Multiple shift /PC Support / Big Cll Centers.

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