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Avyukta Intellicall Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is among the pioneer companies that provide Hosted Dialer as well as VoIP Call Center Solutions and VoIP Minutes. Over past 14 Yrs, we have proved ourselves in providing best international VoIP dialers and Customized CRM / MIS integrations and solutions to call centers and BPO's. We offer various Techno-Commercial Options such as Unlimited VoIP Combo, Retail VoIP, Hosted Call Center Dialer, Predictive Dialer Software for International Call Centers, Retail VoIP for International Call Centers, Hosted VoIP and Voice Broadcasting.

Set up an International Call Center in India


We help setting up BPO’s and Call centers with

end-to-end call center solutions ranging from

Auto Dialer,Predictive dialler, hosted dialer

CRM,VoIP Dialer,VoIP Minutes,

with 100% compliance.

Hosted Predictive Dialer


Advantages of using our Predictive Dialer over

manual Dialing: 400% productivity of the agents,

No ringing sound play to the agent,

only connected human

calls with “Hello”

24x6x365 Support

24x6x365 Support

We are available 24 hours a day, and
6 days/week with a complete support
escalation matrix adhering
to our 72-hour
refund policy.


We've been appreciated for our quality product as well as quality service since more than a decade. Our VoIP Dialer solutions include both Unlimited as well as Retail package. With years of experience, we have curated the best models/solutions to enhance the productivity as well as efficiency of all types of International Call Centers.

Industry Experts

Call Center VoIP Dialer has been dealing in international Call center industry since years and have multiple international call center set ups for US, Canada, Australia, UK, Philippines, Brazil, etc

Unlimited and Retail VoIP Dialer

Tailor Made predictive dialer/Unlimited VOIP as well as Retail VoIP package, Combos with Free Dialer, Inbound and outbound call center solutions at best prices


Call Center VoIP Dialer, with Avyukta Intellicall promise to deliver only VoIP Packages to all the International Clients. We check the process’s authenticity as well.

Free Demo

We provide free live demos (of our Dialer Suite) rather than singing sales sagas. We believe in providing our clients full experience of our product/service before they actually buy it.

Refund Policy

In case Post Sales 3rd level Escalations also cannot suffice in worst case scenarios, we adhere to a 72-hour Refund Policy on a pro rata basis

24x6 Support

We’ve been highly appreciated by our international clients for our excellent support regarding all the VoIP Dialer, Hosted Dialer, IVR, Telephony and Dialer support.

hosted dialer

24X6 Support

24x6 Chat,Phone,Email support to our centers for any IVR, Telephony and Dialer related queries and/or Issues.

Call Center Dialer Cebu

Got Queries ?

Must Read for New Setups before Vendor selection to avoid comparison between Apples and Oranges.

Predictive Dialer For Call Center

Free Demo-Best Price-Money Back

Don't compare with freelancers, WFH vendors who might not pick call/s while you drop 200$ sales for a downtime.

call center solution

Avyukta e-Call Dialer suite :

Dialer will help you minimize your call center’s idle time and increase the call connect ratio, that will eventually increase your call center’s/business’ productivity and profit. Invest in our Dialer Suite to get benefitted from 100+ amazing features that we have to offer. You can also get the solution customized according to you and your business in order to make it more agent-friendly.

Avyukta E-call’s most talked about features:

Predictive/Progressive/Manual Outbound Dialer
Manual/Progressive/ Predictive Outbound Dialer
VoIP Minutes
Single Tree IVRS/CLI Display/Conference/FlashBack
Transfer / TPV/ TPC/ Barge/ Whisper/ Snoop
Default Agent/Admin CRM/MIS/Pop Up/Custom
Dispositions/Pause Codes/Scripts/DND/URL Pass
Real Time Monitoring/Custom Call Recording/20+ Reports


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1 Why do you need VoIP Solution for International Calling?

VoIP is one of the best means for international calling for Call Centers and Corporates. Avyukta Intellicall is one of the best VoIP vendor and service provider offering voip dialers to Resellers, Start-ups, Micros, SME ’s, International Call Centers and Enterprises for IT / BPO ' s for International Calling. Our Combo’s with Unlimited or Retail VoIP Minutes are with A / A + Grade routes for all VoIP destinations. You can make International calls in Top destinations such as UK, US, Canada, Australia and many more.

2What do you need to start an international call center in India?

If you want to set up a VoIP Call center in India, you need to have a valid OSP (Other service provider) license.

3What is our Unlimited VoIP Model?

Unlimited VoIP with / without Dialer / Hosted Dialer: Hassle Free Dialing and no disconnections on Balance Expires during odd times / graveyard shifts, Ease of model and simplicity, No Risk on high usages so that OPEX expenses can be managed.

4What do we mean by Retail VoIP Model?

In Retail VoIP with / without Dialer / Hosted Dialer, VoIP is an ongoing expense for every call center , We at Avyukta work towards a win-win model thereby providing Single Vendor Coordination to call center and BPO clients including almost a free Auto Dialer | Predictive Dialer | Hosted Dialer (Hosted VoIP Dialer) | CRM Dialer with the same recharge for unlimited seats with a 24X6 Support NoC which means that the call center would not depend entirely on an individual / Internal IT for any changes and support during the normal course of usage and also during the worst case scenarios , not to mention a 100% compliance oriented legal VoIP termination. Example (Subjected to minimum number of seats):
• Leading VoIP Provider US VoIP Minutes @ 49 Paisa
• Avyukta Price for US VoIP Minutes @ 48 Paisa
• Avyukta Price for US VoIP Minutes including Unlimited Dialer and Support @ 53 Paisa
• Avyukta Price for US VoIP Minutes including Hosted Dialer and Support @ 59 Paisa

5What kind of infrastructure you maintain/provide in terms of VoIP?

We provide only VoIP with A+ Grade VoIP Routes and with backup routes for every client.

6Which Hosted VoIP servers you maintain / provide?

We have Hosted, Cloud and Virtual Server Solutions. We are currently using 29+ Shared and / or Dedicated Servers based in A+ Grade COLOs and Data Centers (Based in India for Indian clients as per TRAI guidelines).

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