• Vendor Comparison Chart

    S.No Comparison Parameter Freelancers/
    Avyukta Hard Dialer Vendors Dialer Only Vendors DOT Approved VoIP Only Vendors Premium Dialer Vendors Why Avyukta
    1. Professional Support No Seldom Yes Yes Yes Seldom Yes 15 dedicated engineers on support escalation matrix with a 120 second
    2. Support During
    Peak hrs
    Seldom Seldom Yes Yes Yes Seldom Yes At least 3 Engineers/shift and higher during peak hrs
    3. Timely reply from/on Support Seldom Seldom Yes Yes Yes Seldom 120 second TAT with 2 escalations or else refund policies
    4. Single Vendor Coordination No No Yes No No No No Single platform for Dialer-Hosted Server-IVR-Bandwidth so that there is
    no blame game preventing centers downtime
    5. Tailor Made
    Commercial Models
    Yes No Yes No Seldom No No We have all possible models possible
    in the universe at un machable rates ,
    in case there is any new we are ready
    to hear and implement
    6. Customized Technical Model No Seldom Yes No Seldom No Seldom Premised-In-house Dialer/Hosted Dialer/Server replications/Distributed /Centralized/ Work from home models are supported
    7. Asterisk Advantage, Flexibility & Expertise Seldom Seldom Yes No Yes No Yes We have one of the better teams with vast asterisk experience and
    knowledge capable to deploy complexions such as TTS based payment gateway, integration with ERP,SAP,Web Forms,20+ tree IVR's
    8. Domestic or Inbound Solutions Seldom Seldom Yes Yes Yes No Yes There are more than 50 satisfied , domestic and inbound clients that we have
    9. Low Capex Yes No Yes No No Yes No With us one can start on as low as 10 USD for Dialer+Hosted
    10. Low Opex Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No With dialer rentals as low as 10 USD/Seat and No VoIP commitments
    on pay as you go model , A bare minimum opex is attained to help centers scale with investments in right directions
    11. Turnkey technology Solution No No Yes No No No No Being a technology company ,
    anything or everything except process and leads may be sufficed as per prospects requirement
    12. CTI Hardware
    No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes 1/2/4/8 PRI,GSM Gateway,Telesynergy CTI,Intel Dialogic,Allo,Sangoma,Digium have been successfully integrated with
    asterisk and hard dialers in the past
    13. Money Refund Policy No No Yes Seldom Seldom Seldom Seldom After 3 levels of escalations in worst
    case scenarios, we process a money refund on a pro data basis within 72
    hrs from the request
    14. Reference Incentive No No Yes Seldom Seldom Seldom Seldom 10% or higher for every reference
    client varying with case to case along with a reseller CRM login
    15. TAT for setup/Live PD Calls 48 hrs 24 hrs 2 hrs 1 Week 24 hrs No High 2 hrs for Hosted and 12 hrs for
    Premised based Soft Dialer and
    48 hrs for Hard Dialer Setup
    16. Remote Installation/Support
    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Apart from 3 locations where we
    have placed local support engineers,
    we handle sales and support
    remotely to curb cost raise for the end client converting a cons into a pros by reducing the TAT, In worst case scenarios physical presence of the engineer is procured
    17. Backup VoIP No No Yes No No Seldom No With Auto set patterns on the dialer settings, Backup shift is used in case scheduled registry failures are
    achieved with the SIP registrar both
    on Hardware and Software platforms
    18. Backup Server No No Yes Seldom Seldom No Yes Cloned server for all setups
    exceeding 80 seats is availed where
    in merely a LAN cable swapping
    reduces the downtime to less than 60 seconds
    19. Backup Dialer/Hosted No No Yes No Seldom No No We hold 3 servers with 100 MB
    each to cater to more than 2000
    seats on hosted platform where procurements and backups are
    planned with pre-sales department analyzing clients' latency from
    scheduled locations
    20. Issue Resolution with low TAT No Yes Yes No No No Seldom Most of the issues are caused due
    to on site parameters and thus the training process along with the 26 support points reduce chances of
    Issue but when issue evolves/
    persists we adhere to a 120 second
    TAT policy
    21. Commitments
    /Lock in period
    No Yes No Yes Seldom Often Yes Since the entire system is prepaid
    thus For all commercial models
    client is free to make any payment
    on a pro data basis with no contract,
    no lock in period and no
    commitments at all
    22. Platform Independence No No Yes Seldom Seldom No Seldom we are only hand locked with
    Hard Dialer (Server Only) being on windows platform and Soft Dialer ( Server Only ) being on Linux , but otherwise rest all permutations and combinations are possible/feasible
    as per clients requirements/ or our suggestion
    23. Hard-Soft Dialer Flexibility No No Yes No No No No With us being the only vendor
    (known) procuring both Hard and
    soft dialers, we hold the choice for
    the prospect for selection based on
    size and architecture of the client
    24. Pre/Post AMC Support Cost High High Free Very High High No Very High Mostly we are operating on opex
    modes , whereas for all capex
    models such as dialer purchases
    we extend another year of support
    with an expansion of at least 10
    seats and thus we have never
    received an AMC in the history of our operation

    26 Support Points

    • Please call the engineer in the respective shift in case of no replies from skype helpline.
    • Please IM on skype precised issue/IP without a Hi-Hello to reduce TAT.
    • For no calls issue, Please ping us only if the wait time of one/more agent exceeds 1.5 minutes., Please check the precised numbers being dialed from the lead set or Admin>Reports>Outbound-Link and ping us only in case right numbers (number of digits) are mentioned.
    • In cases of Voice breakages, please send the ping and tracert report to the SIP IP from your network. Ping us only if latency is lower than 350 ms but still issue persists.
    • In cases of Voice breakages, please send the ping and tracert report to the SIP IP from your network. Ping us only if latency is lower than 350 ms but still issue persists.
    • In cases of not hearing from us on Sundays, please mail the issue on support@dialerindia.com.
    • In cases of CRM/IVR/Balance/Re-training issues please ping the respective BDM handling your sales queries (only 1000 to 2200).
    • In cases of connectivity issue, please let us know the exact number being dialed with prefix, country code and area code.
    • For account mismatches and queries, drop an email to accounts@dialerindia.com.
    • Please email on support@dialerindia.com in case the login credentials including Installation report is not received.
    • In case of CDR links for retail accounts please ping the respective BDM for the same since support department is not authorized to disclose the same to the customer.
    • For `customer can`t hear` issues, please use www.speedtest.net and check upload, Dialer require 108 kb/agent upload to transmit voice to the customer. Ping support team in case the issue still persists.
    • Please do not ping for local headset/mic issues, please check and re check headset mic , their hardware and software volumes through eyebeam/xlite and windows sound recorder before pinging us for voice issues.
    • For "asterisk call not received and go back and no one in your session" issues , please check codecs enabled on eyebeam which should be g729 and g711ulaw and can be changed from eyebeam on options>advanced>audio codecs ( on standard eyebeam versions ).
    • For high dropped percent/calls/abandoned calls, please reduce pacing and dial time out on campaign detail view.
    • For sound distortion issues and voice breakages, please check audio codecs enabled which should again be g729 and g711ulaw on eyebeam.
    • For recordings use IP/recordings or User>User Stats or explore var/spool/asterisk/monitorDONE through winscp, whichever is advised and easy.
    • Take daily backup of sales recordings and lead sets in order to avoid last minute glitches in case of worst case server crashes to be proactive rather than reactive
    • Do not send leads to support team for uploading on the campaign but rather understand "how to upload leads".
    • Do not change passwords and/or IP without consent as the same crashes the server, In cases of network changes please let us know beforehand so that the root passwords can be shared in worst case scenarios in proper manner, Please do not treat us with surprises where root password is required which could not be shared otherwise and is only available on dialer purchase modes.
    • Tata/Karturi/Net4/TCIL/Sify support teams can be directly pinged in case client is using such account under Avyukta reseller ship
    • Please keep international numbers disallowed in cases of PRI setups to avoid panic in cases of faulty dial prefix and/or lead set upload.
    • Please wait for 120 seconds before pinging the support team on skype for the reply.
    • Please ping the respective BDM in case the training is not conducted/completed.
    • Please prefer to keep/procure us a port forwarding enabled router rather than a public IP on the dialer server.
    • Please report unattended/un-responded/pending/escalated issues to support@dialerindia.com which shall be responded and catered within 15 hours (working) from the mail in lieu of being rude/unprofessional/over demanding with the support desk

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