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    Goautodial In India is associate degree open supply Goautodial/Vicidial Solution  and it's an internet based call centre software that relies on CentOS. It's installs mechanically Goautodial Applications (GOadmin, GOreports and GOagent), Vicidial, Mysql, PHP, Asterisk, Limesurvey and different open supply software package to own a completely purposeful call centre system

    Acd for Inbound Calls

    Goautodial/Vicidial Solution is an open supply net primarily based software system on that you'll build a telephone system for your call centre. It allows open supply prognostic dialer and incoming IVR + machine-driven decision Distribution system.

    Call Center Based Opensource

    Main Features include::-

    • Outbound prognostic and automatic dialing
    • Inbound IVR and ACD
    • Wizard primarily based configurations
    • Integrated decision recording
    • Scalable to many seats
    • USA, United Kingdom and North American country decision compliance
    • VoIP trunks and customary phone company lines
    • Support for healer and Digium cards

    Goautodial/Vicidial Solution delivers exceptional support via tickets, chat and phone, large volume of documentation as well as obtaining started guides, HOWTO’s, GitHub depositories etc.

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    GoAutoDial (formerly VicidialNOW) is associate enterprise grade open supply prognostic dialer system. It mechanicallyinstallsGoautodial/Vicidial Solution , MySQL, PHP, Asterisk, VtigerCRM and alternative elements to possess a completely practical open supply prognostic dialer system.

    Our GoAutoDial is completely internet based mostly. Everything is completed among your applications programme. From information administration, Goautodial/Vicidial Solution and PBX configuration to network settings beat an online user interface. We are offer web-base dialer & in house dialer services. If u are interested;Please contact us

    Goautodial Vicidial could be a complete inbound and outgoing call centre based mostly open supply application. Vicidial could be a suite of programs that ar designed to move with the Vicidial ASCII text file PBX telephone system at a shopper laptop level to increase the practicality of your phone and system.

    Goautodial/Vicidial Solution software system is designed to figure with associate degree Asterisk system that has Zap(T1/E1/PSTN), IAX or SIP trunks and SIP/IAX/Zap phones. VICIDIAL will dial predictively, at a magnitude relation or one-call-at-a-time. VICIDIAL can also function as associate degree ACD for inward calls, also as mixing inbound and outgoing line of work, or for nearer calls returning from Goautodial Vicidial fronters and even permits for remote agents which will solely have a phone.astGUIClient a graphical user interface shopper application was created to permit for the additional advanced options of Asterisk to be employed by anyone mistreatment even a single-line SIP phone.

    We provide consulting services for configuration of centre Voice process System for Inbound and Outbound Calls mistreatment Asterisk PBX and Vicidial prophetical Dialer System. VICIDial is one in all the foremost wide used open supply contact centre answer. it's most options any easy to advanced organization might have to run centre or client care centre with success. Acmatel has return up with some advancedGoautodial Vicidial modules, which might be integrated together with your current VICIDial answer. These modules can assist you to feature further practicality, which might facilitate in rising agent productivity and revenues. you'll integrate one or additional modules in your VICIDial, centre answer.

    Vicidial is a complete inbound and outbound call center based open source application. Vicidial is a suite of programs that are designed to interact with the Goautodial Vicidial PBX Phone system at a client computer level to extend the functionality of your phone and system.

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