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Welcome To Avyukta Intellicall

Our Company Provides Call Center Dialer Software
  • VoIP Call Center Dialer
    Enterprise-Grade Mobility

    A VoIP system empowers you to do business remotely or from the road. The Avyukta intellicall App enables complete and secure mobility for your business.

  • Call Center VoIP Dialer India
    Security & Reliability Designed for Enterprises

    We built one of the world's most reliable enterprise-ready voice networks. Analyze your calling campaign performance and access daily call reports.

  • VoIP Contact Center
    Technical Service

    Technical support representatives answer incoming phone calls and troubleshoot technical problems with computer software and hardware.

  • Call Center VoIP
    Support Center

    We are available 24 hours a day, and 6 days/week with a complete support escalation matrix adhering to our 72-hour refund policy.

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We've been appreciated for our quality product and quality service for more than a decade. Our VoIP Dialer solutions include both Unlimited as well as Retail packages. With years of experience, we have curated the best models/solutions to enhance the productivity and efficiency of all types of International Call Centers.

  • Call Center A Grade VoIP Minutes Unlimited and Retail VoIP Dialer

  • VoIP Free Demo

  • VoIP Gsm Gateway Industry Experts

  • CRM Software Affordable pricing offers.

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Call Center VoIP Dialer India

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Case Studies

Do you want to improve the online visibility of your brand
  • call center solutions

    We implemented IVR on PRI, which is quite easy and reliable for users to access the right channel for communication.

  • e Call Telephony CRM
    Brick folio

    Avyukta Intellicall implemented a centralized server at the head office of Brick Folio with a GSM gateway for outbound calls.

  • Dialer CRM
    AKS University

    We implemented Avyukta Dialler Suite with both GSM gateway and PRI Line allocation as per their requirements for inbound and outbound calls.

Affordable Dialer Services Packages

Choose from affordable Dialer services packages & get the best results in return.
CRM Integration


INR 720.99 / month
  • Rent a Dialer starting at the 594INR
  • Pay as you go model, opex and risk free.
  • Purchase a Dialer starting at the 3234INR
  • Build assets and reduce opex costs.
  • EMI a Dialer starting at the 990INR
Best Prices For VoIP Dialer

Unlimited Model

INR 3600.99 / month
  • Up to 4 channels per seat for better pacing.
  • Fair usage policy applicable
  • Meant for standard 8-9 hr shift.
  • NA for PC Support and other lengthy call processes
  • 5544INR as one time setup installation and training charges
Bying The Best VoIP Dialer

Retail Model

INR 3750.99 / month
  • Pay as you go model.
  • Similar Models on offer for Australia and Other Destinations.
  • Best suited for Multiple shift /PC Support / Big Cll Centers.

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    We configure codes by discovering the needs of the business and the imagination of clients.

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    Now we provide shapes to the imagination and unique base of the business.

  • Avyukta VoIP Dialer


    Here we utilize our skills & development strategies to prepare scalable web & mobile apps.

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    The final phase delivers eminent development solutions with 100% client satisfaction.

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